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EFF Proposes to Save Data on Megaupload Servers

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation based in San Francisco is seeking to save data on Megaupload servers. It has asked federal prosecutors and lawyers for the file sharing service to allow users who uploaded material to retrieve it as long as it was not copyrighted material. This group supports internet privacy and digital rights. It wants all innocent users to reclaim their legal property.

The group is hopeful that all parties can get access to their material without taking resort to legal action. A letter has been sent to the Judge overseeing this case in Virginia State. Megaupload and its senior executives were indicted last month on charges of broadcasting copyrighted music, movies and television shows, gathering millions of dollars from advertisers and subscribers.

A lawyer for Megaupload has defended the website as an online storage service and claimed that it made efforts to take down copyrighted material when the service learned about it. The prosecutors have argued that the site has failed to do so and that it has encouraged uploading of popular content.

Megaupload’s assets have been frozen, so eventually it will be the court that will decide what is going to be allowable and whether any funds will be released to carry out the proposal of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Meanwhile, the United States prosecutors have seized sixteen other websites that have illegally streamed live sports and pay-per-view events over the internet. A Michigan man has been charged for running nine of those websites. These websites provided links to give viewers easy access to other sites that hosted pirated telecasts from the National Football League, National Basketball Association and WWE.