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Adobe EchoSign Free eSigns - Sign Documents Online

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If you are into an online business or in a business where your customers/clients are spread out all over the world, you would know the need for electronic signature. Adobe had a program called eSignature that allowed its users to sign PDFs online for free. Well last month, Adobe terminated its eSignature program because Adobe bought EchoSign which allows its users to do the same.

Well today, you can signup with Adobe EchoSign and start signing your documents or asks your clients to sign documents electronically for free.

You can sign up with EchoSign (you can even use your Google Account to signup) free account and can sign 5 documents electronically for free. That's 5 documents free per month. If you integrate your twitter account with EchoSign, you can increase your monthly quota to 10 documents/month.

The way it works is, you can send any document that you need signature on to via email and request signatures from your clients/customers. The same way, you can also receive documents for the signature.

You can also delegate the document that you have received to someone in your organization for electronic signature free.

Once you open the document, you can either print your name in the signature box or draw your signature. It can even work on your mobile phones too. So you or your clients can sign your document electronically on smartphones. It supports multiple languages and has an integration with Salesforce. Check out the video on how EchoSign works.