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Make Free Calls to USA & Canada With Just Browser

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second-phone-lineWith internet telephony and VoIP, free calls and cheap international calls are common these days. There are so many ways you can make free international calls worldwide. Gone are the days for those calling cards and phone cards.

I am going to show you now how you can make free international calls from around the world to USA & Canada. As you know VoIP to VoIP phones are always cheap or free because they work on SIP (Session Initiated Protocol). As long as you have a computer with a microphone, you can make free calls from PC.


EFF Proposes to Save Data on Megaupload Servers

EFF_Proposes_to_Save_Data_on_Megaupload_ServersThe Electronic Frontier Foundation based in San Francisco is seeking to save data on Megaupload servers. It has asked federal prosecutors and lawyers for the file sharing service to allow users who uploaded material to retrieve it as long as it was not copyrighted material. This group supports internet privacy and digital rights. It wants all innocent users to reclaim their legal property.


Zite could be Your Personalized Magazine

ziyeZite is an App that is available on iOS. This App could become your customized magazine. It could be added free on iPad. If you have been keeping an eye out for an online magazine with a content that can be customized to your preferences, Zite is the answer to your search. It is a social feed aggregator and pulls content from your own feeds and popular web based applications. It is quite similar to Flipboard which has been considered as Apple’s App of the year.


Adobe EchoSign Free eSigns - Sign Documents Online

echosign-free-electronic-signatureIf you are into an online business or in a business where your customers/clients are spread out all over the world, you would know the need for electronic signature. Adobe had a program called eSignature that allowed its users to sign PDFs online for free. Well last month, Adobe terminated its eSignature program because Adobe bought EchoSign which allows its users to do the same.

Well today, you can signup with Adobe EchoSign and start signing your documents or asks your clients to sign documents electronically for free.


7 Reasons Why You are Not Generating Leads From Social Media

7_Reasons_why_you_are_not_generating_Leads_from_Social_MediaSocial media is a good inbound marketing tool that allows business teams to interact with their prospects and cater to their customers by generating leads. This is a good demonstration of an effective use of social media for lead generation. To make sure your business is using social media to boost its lead generating efforts, you have to check out that you're not making any of these mistakes.


Facebook to Test Messenger for Windows Desktop Client

facebook-messenger-for-windows-doneFacebook is to test a Messenger for Windows desktop client. Windows 7 is the only version of Microsoft’s operating system that is going to be supported; there is no news yet for Mac and Linux users.Facebook has started testing a Facebook Messenger for Windows desktop client with a restricted group of users, currently in beta. The application which requires Windows 7 provides access to three main Facebook features. They are Facebook Chat, the new Ticker Feed, and Notifications.Messenger for Windows is a new trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on


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