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Facebook Unfurls Revival Of Its Games Berth

Google_FacebookAbout six weeks ago, Google launched a gaming element for its Google+ on its social network platform. This new offer allowed Google+ users to play games from within the social network’s walls as well as including some games that could be played with other Google+ users. Some of these launched games included the highly popular Rovio’s `Angry Birds’, PopCap’s `Bejeweled Blitz’ and Zynga’s `Poker’. Though it is a small start compared with what is being offered on Facebook, it has done stupendous business by offering social games that players can use while remaining active within the social network’s page.


Surfing Net during office hours are not advisable

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6769150-boss-blaming-an-employee-for-bad-results-studio-shotSurfing the net during office hours? Do you have a count how long are you online?If you are not aware of the timings then it is a right time to make a note of it.

A recent survey has pointed out that member of staff using the Internet for personal work during office hours is demolishing their association with their boss and senior management employees.


Walmart Keen On Streaming Movies

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walmart-logoWal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, is trying to charm people by launching an in-house movie streaming service facility directly on `’. It acquired a video service last year by the name of `Vudu’ and it is integrating it fully online now. Vudu will allow its customers to buy or rent movies over the internet and stream them to their television sets, Blu-Ray players or a variety of Vudu-enabled devices like Sony’s PlayStation 3 and high definition TVs from LG Electronics, Sharp and Panasonic.


Google is Going Direct with Malware Warnings

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Malware-Warning-GoogleGoogle has announced that it will return a malware notice with search results for users who have infected systems. It has taken an active stance after finding out on its own servers that malware code is seemingly redirecting search queries for some users. The users that are compromised will see a yellow banner at the top of the search results warning them that their computer seems to be infected.


Facebook Losing Ground to Google

google-socialA user satisfaction survey has showed that people are not that thrilled with Facebook anymore and the social networking site is losing considerable ground and market share to Google+ as per a recent study. PC World has described Facebook user experience as `poor’ despite the monopoly that Facebook enjoys in the social networking market.


YouTube is Busy Building International Interfaces

imagem_youtube_inspectorPCWorld has observed that YouTube, a popular video sharing website, has expanded its international presence with its Korean language interface so that many people across the globe can take advantage of the streamlined hosting, subscribing and online streaming of video clips. Every other day, popular U.S. based websites are spreading their reach and expanding their services to a whole range of countries across the world. It has become quite easy to expand the products and services internationally with e-Commerce and product wares as Apple has done so successfully with the iPhone all over the world.


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