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Facebook Introduces Timeline

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Facebook_introduces_TimelineFacebook introduces Timeline and wants users to share everything. It wants to introduce a new world where everything gets shared. It may be a brave though scary decision. The F8 Conference of Facebook has brought with it many new announcements and features. The Timeline profile got the most attention. It is a redesign of the cornerstone feature and the concept is attention worthy.


Google Plus Social Network Is Now Open To The World

Google_Plus_Social_Network_Is_Now_Open_To_The_WorldGoogle opened its Google + Social Network globally yesterday. It felt that there was no need to invite people officially with an announcement to join them. For the past three months, it had been on field trial. During this time, Google + had learnt a great deal by listening. Google says that they are nowhere near done with the improvements that they have made so far. They feel that they are now ready to move on from field trial level to the beta level. They have opened the network for anyone to visit and join the project.


Apple To Include Retina Display In iPad3 Features

Apple_to_include_Retina_Display_in_iPad3_FeaturesApple is planning to include retina display and many other features in its design of iPad3 whenever it is launched. You are also likely to see a resolution on the screen of up to 2048x1536 pixels for a sharp 326 dpi (dots or pixels per inch) to give a dense screen feel.


Mozilla Is In A Hurry And Even Firefox 9 Is Available For A Test Download

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Firefox_9_is_available_for_people_interestedFirefox 9 is available for people interested in downloading it. Early birds who are keen to get an overview of Firefox 9 can find it available for download and check out an early development feel of the open source browser. Mozilla has already started with a nightly release of Firefox 9 which is an equivalent of a pre-Alpha Build. Earlier this week, they have launched the Firefox 6. They are in a hurry.


Mozilla Came Out With Firefox 6

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Mozilla_Come_Out_With_Firefox_6Firefox 6 has been officially released by Mozilla. There was a lot of buzz few days back made by tech sites that came out with the announcement of Mozilla making available the code for Firefox 6 from its File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. This is a routine procedure pre-release. The truth of the matter is that Firefox 6 has come hot on the heels of its previous version in a matter of just two months. It is going to include only those updates that have occurred in the two months’ time schedule.


LinkedIn Goes HTML5

linkedin-html5Looks like HTML5 is THE future of web based applications. If you are not sure what's HTML5, learn what is HTML5 here. In last year or so there are plenty of sites and browsers that support HTML5. LinkedIn today joined the group of HTML5 websites.

LinkedIn updated its mobile applications for iPhone and Android but at the same time launched HTML5 website enhanced for new smartphone browsers and tablet browsers like iPad and Android Tablets


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