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You Can See Through A Phone Now

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Polytron wants to launch a transparent phone prototype so that you can see through it while using it. You have perhaps seen phones with clear glass in science fiction films. The recent film that comes to mind is `Looper’. The reality may be closer than you have earlier dreamed of.

Polytron is a world famous global systems integration company which is based in Georgia, USA and Taiwan. It runs its subsidiary, Polytronix in Taiwan. Polytronix wants to launch a transparent mobile phone. Apart from observing a memory card, a circuit board and a small battery, the rest of the phone looks like totally transparent.

The prototype is not functional yet. This device could be ready by the end of the year for the retail market. People are raising questions about its functionality. They feel that the visual quality is bound to suffer.

This is not the only instance where a firm has come out with the idea of using glass. There has been a completely transparent USB memory drive stick that has come out and will be also available for the retail market sometime later this year. Despite being a cool idea, the marketers are uncertain of how the general public is going to react to it.

The general concern will be about how much the phone is going to cost and what it will be capable of doing. The phones are definitely going to be priced on the higher bracket.

Polytronix feels that it can make smartphones clear to the eye with a technology that inserts microscopic wires into the glass and make the handset without the wires being seen. The prototype of this phone will not run an operating system but will have a SIM card, an SD card, battery, microphone, wiring and a camera.