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Workspace Can Be Created At The Back Of Your Monitor

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You can make a workspace belt at the back of your monitor.  You can turn the back of your computer monitor to look like a workspace utility station. The back portion of the desktop monitor is actually wasted space in many cases. Some systems have even more cluttered spaces as there are many cables coming out of all sides. If you think about it, there are many ways that you can use this space as a little utility area for organized storage.

To begin with, you can create a hidden storage area for minor items. As most monitors have nothing in their back except some ports for cables and power cords, this gives opportunity and the place to store some of the smaller items you have like placement of external hard drives. External hard drives clutter up your desk and you can make a smaller shelf of wood that may fit the back of the monitor.

The shelf can also work as a cable organizer. You need oak wood cut out at an angle to match the slant of the monitor stand. You can drill about an inch from the edges at quarter inch of a diameter. You also need a steel rod bent into U shape with a rubber hose line to fit on the flat edge for grip and steadiness. You can fit wing nuts at the ends for easy adjustment.

To pouch up the loose cables, you need card stack paper and a double-sized tape. It comes in handy with USB cables that you may have to use frequently. You can even use hooks to hang your headphones on the side of your monitor with style.