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Volkswagen To Make The Most Aerodynamic Production Car

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Volkswagen is preparing to make the most fuel efficient aerodynamic production car in the world. About four years ago, there was lot of talk about 230 mpg ratings and then Nissan leaf and Chevy Volt came on to the scene. But Nissan could achieve 99 mpg/e and Chevy could achieve 60 mpg. Now, Volkswagen is claiming that its XL 1 will be capable of 261 mpg as per the European cycle.

This could happen with a revolutionary approach that intends to slash down the weight of the car. It will economize by optimizing the aerodynamics. Volkswagen has displayed the XL 1 model a couple of years ago. It disappeared from the news since then but Volkswagen had made it clear that it will roll the car only after a span of two years. Volkswagen is now busy preparing the car for the Geneva Motor Show that begins on 7th March.

Volkswagen is calling the Xl 1 the most aerodynamic production car with a 0.19 drag coefficient to back it up with. The measures taken for the aerodynamics are the narrowed rear end and the wheel covers over the rear wheels. The design of the car is more than twenty per cent carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). It has a monocoque design with its body panels along with a thin-glass windshield. The side windows are polycarbonate. The total weight is less than eight hundred kilograms. The car is also being tagged as the 261 mpg Beetle for the twenty second century.