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Tether Your iPhone or iPad Online via HTML5 Tether

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iTether was a great app that allowed users to connect laptops and wireless devices to iPhones or 3G iPads and use 3G data without paying any monthly fees. If you were to look for free tethering for iPhones, it was the best app until Apple removed it from the store.

Now you don't have to rely on Apple Store, you can tether your iPhone or iPad online using HTML5 technology. has come up with a way to tether your iPhone with HTML5 and Ad-hoc network. So how to tether for free?

  • Visit and download Tether onto your Windows computer by clicking the following link:
    1. Once the download is complete, go through the install process.

    2. Run Tether on your computer. Enter a name for the SSID of the ad-hoc network that will be created. You may enter a password for the network or leave it blank for an open network.

    3. If you are using Windows XP and are currently connected to a Wi-Fi network, you should manually disconnect from it.

    4. On your iOS mobile device click the Settings icon and then click Wi-Fi. Select the network and enter the WEP key if you created the network with one.

      Note: If you are using Windows XP, the iPhone may disconnect from the ad-hoc network shortly after connecting to it and connect to a preferred Wi-Fi network instead if one is nearby. You should connect to the ad-hoc network again if this happens.

    5. Open the safari browser on your iOS mobile device and visit If you have an account, login and follow the on screen instructions. The webpage should then establish a connection between the iOS mobile device and your PC.

    6. Once the Server Status and the Computer Status show that they are connected your PC should now be online!

The HTML5 Tether for iPhone will be available next week $15 a year, and you can pre-order it now from the Tether site here. After the first week, it will cost $30/year.