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Suppressing Brilliance of Vishwaroop to please Bigotry

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All film makers have a right to express and as long as that freedom of speech does not hurt the sentiments of a particular community of people, it cannot be suppressed. People have had to wait for over a fortnight as `Vishwaroop’ was stalled by the State powers in Tamil Nadu. How can a brilliant film maker like Kamalahasan be made to stoop down patiently to the didactic demands in a democratic nation that allows freedom of speech as a constitutional right? It goes to show that high-handedness of didactic despots and bigots still rules in our country. The Muslims can find nothing wrong in what is depicted in the film. Things around them are a mirror of what is actually happening in the world. Can they run from it or try to paint another picture?

The film has received good reviews. The controversy has perhaps given it more paint and color and has added a magical fire ring around it. The film has made the entire nation look ahead to a verdict by the Tamil Nadu courts and has also helped teach a lesson to other Indian film makers not to bow down to political piracy even though Kamalahasan had to resort to seven cuts in the film.

People who have attended its screenings so far have reported that it was worth the wait. The film has a level of thought that takes dedication and application to a high bar.  It is an action packed thriller with high production values. The viewers have been left unable to keep up with the level of sophistication in the cinematography. The film will have something to offer to everyone besides being gory in its screenplay. It may just turn out to be a brilliant film of the year.

Besides being its director, Kamalahasan’s level of acting has left people in a daze (Khushbu and Rajnikanth). His character in the film includes three different personalities. Each persona represents a contrasting extremity.  He plays a Kathak dance master, a husband and a spy.

Other actors like Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Andreah and Pooja Kumar add value to make the film convincing. Nasser and Jaideep Ahlawat have also performed capably.  This film is a project akin to Hollywood standards and pays attention to little details, a trait which is missing in most of Indian cinema today.