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Snapchat Brings Video to Android

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After its private beta launch about ten days ago, Snapchat is bringing video update to Android officially. The Android App was launched as a private beta version on 11th February. This app was updated to include the video capture feature. iOS had already given this kind of feature facility much earlier. The Snapchat video application has now been made officially available in the Google Play.

The video features of Snapchat had to be made compatible first across several different processors and screen sizes. The update is now available for Android 2.2 version and the later ones. Most of the Android phones that we are using have not been designed with Snapchat in mind. The video feeds and their playback performance could have functional differences and users could have had some difficulty with it. That is why, Snapchat’s development was delayed.   

Now, the Snapchat users will have a great deal more control concerning the inward snaps from their friends. They will also observe that the functioning of Snapchat will be a lot smoother on Android now as the camera has been redesigned to improve the navigation speed and the rates of the frames.

Snapchat is now circulating over sixty million pictures a day. It has become the fastest way you can share your moments with your friends. You can control the duration of how long your friends will be able to see your message by setting the timer up to, perhaps, ten seconds and send.