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Smartphones To Save You From Accidents

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The mobile phone that you carry will be able to save you one day from being knocked over by vehicles while you are crossing the road. General Motors is working on a smartphone app which will let pedestrians and cyclists warn a car driver automatically once they get close to the car.

As per General Motors, the system is based on WiFi Direct. This is a computer networking standard which will allow smartphones to relay information without the need for a wireless hotspot to connect them. The researchers at General Motors believe that the system can integrate with additional sensor-based object detention and driver alert systems which are already available on some production cars to warn the car drivers within a matter of seconds when they draw near to a pedestrian or a cyclist with a smartphone that is equipped with such wireless technology.

General Motors is also working on a downloadable app for high risk travellers such as couriers on bikes and road work crews. The new wireless technology will be able to warn the drivers about people crossing the road or who might be stepping suddenly into the road track from perhaps behind a parked car or people riding bikes in the blind spot of the cars.

The WiFi Direct standard technology will allow the devices to be able to spot each other from a distance of up to two hundred meters. The researchers at the General Motors reported that the WiFi Direct Standard will also allow car manufacturers to improve the communication between the cars themselves. This will be very important in the future when the roads become more jammed with traffic and cars can then work out a possible alt