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Slate 7 brings HP back into the Tablet Scene

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Hewlett Packard is back on to the tablet scene with its Slate 7. This is the maiden Android tablet offered by HP. The company has an edgy history pertaining to the tablets. Its first tablet entry into this highly competitive market failed to create an impact.

After lying low for a while, HP has realized that it cannot ignore the tablet market share it is losing out on. It has now announced its maiden Android tablet, the Slate 7.

Hewlett Packard has gone for a modest and pocket friendly approach with its first important tablet after the TouchPad. The Slate 7 has a 367 grams stainless steel frame that houses a seven-inch 1024x600 pixels display screen. It has an ARM 1.6 GHz dual core A9 processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB storage. It has dual cameras, 3 megapixel and Video Graphics Array.

It does not come as a surprise when HP has discarded its own webOS platform and gone for the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 system. Like HTC’s One X Smartphone, Slate 7 is also featuring built in Beats Audio. This is the first time Beats Audio will be seen on a tablet.

The modest specifications of the tablet are matched with its price of id="mce_marker"69. Even at this price end, there is heavy competition from devices like Google’s Nexus 7 at id="mce_marker"99 with an offer of higher specs in some areas which include higher resolution and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

The TouchPad from HP was pulled off within three months of its release in August 2011. It was reported to have suffered from the absence of good apps and it did not manage to attract sufficient consumer interest. The other two tablets from HP, Slate 500 and Slate 2, also did not meet with much success in the past. Slate 7 will be released in the United States of America in April.