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Setting Picture Passwords on Windows 8

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Microsoft has given the options for creating picture passwords with the Windows 8 operating system. This can be done with the help of a mouse or on touch screens. It is an innovative alternative as an option to the password system. Most Windows 8 users are not even aware of such a feature.

The password now enables you to log in to your computer or your devices by using a picture rather than an alphanumeric chain of characters. What you are doing, in fact, is sketching out a gesture with a custom sequence on top of your photo or picture to verify your identity. To give an example, if you are going to use a family photo, you may sketch a straight line from one person’s eyes to another person’s eyes. These will be saved as gesture or picture passwords.

These kinds of passwords would be a nice replacement to the conventional passwords. Actually, they should have been initiated much earlier. Microsoft has designed these picture password feature keeping the mobile devices and touch screens in mind. It is quite convenient on a virtual keyboard. Remembering a series of complex gestures is easier still than remembering a complex string of characters. The flip side to this is that the hackers would get around to breaking these kinds of passwords as an additional support to the conventional password system. You have to remember that picture passwords can be registered only as an after step to the traditional password registration.

To set up a picture password in Windows 8, you have to press the Win-W key combination and search for `Picture Password’. Under the Settings category, you will find an entry `Change to Create Picture Password’. The wizard is launched by doing that. Click the `Create’ button on the wizard and first assign a plain text password to your account. Once you finish that step, then choose a picture and go through the type of gestures that you can assign to that picture. The types could be taps or clicks, straight line drags or circles.