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Samsung has Launched the Rex Phones in India

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Samsung has announced the launch of its Rex range of feature phones. These phones will be sold as `Samsung Rex’ brand. The models are REX 60, REX70, REX 80 and REX 90. They are priced at a range of Rs. 4, 280 to Rs. 6, 490.

These Rex series range phones have been specially developed for the Indian market. Samsung has announced that it considers the Rex series as a means to expand their exposure and appeal in the Indian phone market. These phones are going to target the young crowd exclusively. Samsung is going to introduce these products after some time in USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle east and China.

The Rex phones operate on the Java platform. They have features like other smartphones including the Wi-Fi connectivity and the Edge network connectivity. They have built-in Twitter live feed, Facebook and other chat applications. These phones also have other features that the Samsung phones which run on Android operating systems have such as the quick notification panels and the widgets. These features make these phone series look like the other Android smartphones.

These phones are dual SIM enabled and the users can change the SIM cards without having to switch the phones off. The phones also run Samsung’s Touch Wiz user interface. This move by Samsung is mainly to stay competitive in the market on the heels of Nokia’s Asha series.

In a market like India’s, the feature phones make up almost seventy per cent of the total sales. This obviously gives a good opportunity for Samsung to target those users who are seeking games, social networking and browsing the internet on phones at an affordable price range.

Nokia has also done well with its Asha phones. Within a year, Nokia has launched almost a dozen phones in India at a price range between Rs. 3, 500 to Rs. 8, 500 and has sold almost sixteen million Asha smartphones in the latter half alone of the last year.