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Print From Your Android To Any Network Enabled Printer

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Smartphones are now outnumbering computers. People are more used to using smartphones for quick tasks such as browsing and finding information on mobile phones than the laptops or desktops.

But there are times when you see something that you want to quickly print from your smartphone but you can't. For that you have to go to a computer. Not anymore. Google Cloud Print has officially hit the Android Play store that can allow you to print from within your smartphone to any of your network connected printer.

Google Cloud print was actually a feature of Google Chrome browser. You open up a google chrome browser on your computer and it finds all the local network connected printers and enables them for cloud print.

So if you are on one computer and it has a printer connected, you can go to another computer on your network and print from there using Google Chrom'e clound print feature. The same thing can now be done through your smartphone and that too from anywhere in the world you have internet access.

So how to print from your smartphone to any network enabled printer from anywhere?

  • First of all login to a computer that has internet and is also connected to a printer.
  • Open up a Google Chrome browser (Install one if you don't already have one!! Who doesn't right?). From the browser --> Settings -->Advanced Settings click on Cloud printers. It will do its thing and find all the local printers. YOu may have to sign in with your google account to enable cloud print.
  • Once you have the printers listed, Go to Google Play store and install Google Cloud Print App. After install is complete, link your Google Account you used for Cloud Print.
  • That's it. Now you will see a new option "Cloud Print" everytime you Share/Send a document/photo.
  • Once you select Cloud Print as a "Share" option, you will see all your network printers listed. Choose the one you want to print to and you are on your way to print from your smartphone to your printer. No wires/No Drivers nothing. Simply Google Magic.


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