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Office 2013 Licenses Cannot be Transferred to Other Computers

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Microsoft has confirmed that the Office 2013 licenses are not transferable to other computers. It is not a secret any more that the Office 2013 copies are now bound to a single computer. Microsoft has asserted that the license of the software cannot be reassigned to another personal computer as it was earlier possible with the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Now, the software cannot be transferred to another machine even if the original is lost, stolen or destroyed.

There is a possibility, though, that the production suite can be installed on the same machine in case of a crash. This may not come as good news for those people who like to switch up their computer environment. They may be tempted to opt for Office 365 subscription.

If you buy a license for Microsoft Office 2013, you have to be prepared for using it only on one machine under all circumstances. Office users can get a permanent license for all the Office 2013 programs for just one computer address. This means, again, that if your computer gets damaged or if you have to buy a new computer or a laptop, you will not be able to transfer your Office 2013 license to any new machine. You will have to pay for software all over again.

The earlier Office 2010 licensing terms had made it clear for its users that they could install another software copy on a portable device for use by a single user considered primary for that licensed device. Now, a customer can only install it on any one device; either a laptop or a desktop but not on both.