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Now It's The Turn of Microsoft To Be Hacked

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After the nightmare That Facebook, Twitter and Apple went through recently, it is now Microsoft’s turn as its computers have been taken down by hackers. It is the latest addition on the list of technology giants who have been targeted for cyber attacks.

Microsoft has confirmed that their security has been intruded upon. It says that few computers including the ones in the Mac Business Unit have been infected by malicious software. This has been done by using the same methods that Facebook and Twitter have reported. As the investigation is going on, there have been no reports on any customer data that may have been stolen like the Twitter passwords.

All the technology giants are probably going to reconcile to the fact that these kinds of cyber attacks may become common in the future and that they will have to live with them as their persistent intruders and hackers are getting smarter and smarter by the day. Facebook and Apple are working with federal law enforcement agencies to track down the hackers. The malware has been used for Microsoft just like it was done on Facebook, Twitter and Apple devices. The malware has been spread through a website for software developers. The malware or the malicious software has taken full opportunity of a Java program vulnerability to be used as a plug-in for web browsing programs.

Facebook had also confirmed earlier that the malware that infected some of its computer systems had come from a mobile developer website which had been booby trapped. Though the hackers have not been tracked yet, there is a strong suspicion by experts who feel that there may be hackers involved from China and East European regions.