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Launch of New Surface Pro

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The new commercial has been launched for the Surface Pro with break dancing and beat boxing in Las Vegas. Four months ago, Microsoft had launched its first Surface television ad and now it has come back with a second advertisement. This was aired during the Grammy awards program and it featured a focus on the pen input for Microsoft’s latest tablet.

In their trademark style, Microsoft produced two Surface Pro tablets for the audience before launching the new television ad. This new Surface Pro tablet has a lot more going for it than any other Microsoft hardware since the Xbox.

Surface Pro has been released with retail price of id="mce_marker"000 for the 128 GB model and $900 for the 64 GB model.  You can hold the Surface Pro in one hand and draw on it with your other hand. It comes with a plastic stylus. Inside, the Pro is actually a Windows PC. It has the same Intel chip that so many high-end laptops have. It has two fans to keep it cool. The Pro can execute any of the four million Windows programs like Photoshop, Quicken, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The Surface Pro looks suave with matte-black metal and the screen is bright with 1080 pixels resolution. When you connect this tablet to a television or a desktop monitor, it will even send out a bigger and sharper picture. There is one USB 3.0 jack in the tablet. A power cord has been built in for you to charge your phone as you work. You can connect almost anything that you would to a PC like external drives, keyboard, mouse, speakers or cameras.