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iPhone Turns Into A Scanner With iPICS2GO

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If you have an iPhone, you can do many things with it. Ion Audio, with their new device iPICS2GO, has made the iPhone more useful. iPICS2GO is a slide, photo and negatives scanner for iPhone 4/4S. It is a great idea to use a device that can help a phone to do the work of a bulkier and more expensive scanner machine.

We are all living in a world which has become ultra digital. The physical media in all genres is being bombarded with new formats. iPICS2GO is a quick and possibly easy answer to changing photos from physical to digital through a new device from Ion Audio that makes your iPhone turn into a scanner.

People have been looking for a device like this for a long time now. The scanner is very much affordable as it is priced at just fifty dollars. It is small and light in weight. It can be easily stored in a drawer or on a desk top. It is sturdy in its construction. It can be run on AA batteries. It is a digital photo booth shaped like a box.

iPhone 4/4S owners can place their phones into the slot at the top of the scanner. The image which you want scanned is placed on a photo tray and it is slid into its place which is directly underneath the iPhone’s camera. A digital result of the image will be there on the iPhone within seconds to be shared on the web or kept to cherish in album folders.

To use the scanner, you will have to download its special free app. The software app is limited, no doubt, in its editing features. One of its great features is its ability to reverse a negative.