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iOS More Lucrative Than Android For Ads

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An Opera Software study has reported that Apple’s iOS is delivering more revenue per ad impression to content publishers over any other mobile operating system in the last quarter. Advertisers are ready to pay more for ads on the iPad and the iPhone than any Android or other system as iOS remains more lucrative.

iOS is edging out Android in the important eCPM metric. This is the total revenue that a publisher earns on a thousand commercials served in his or her content. This form of metric gives a combination of what advertisers will pay a publisher to present an ad and what they will pay when users will click on such advertisements. Higher eCPMs are attractive for the platform providers as they entice publishers to their platform.

iOS are delivering an eCPM of $2.49 against a $2.10 per thousand ad impressions on Android devices. Other platforms are far behind these two systems. Google has a lot of catching up to do.

The Opera report has analyzed the data from its mobile ad platform and it serves almost thirty five billion ad impressions per month for more than nine thousand customers all over the world. It also accounts for around two hundred and forty million dollars in revenue for mobile publishers.

Opera Software feels that the higher eCPM for iOS is due to smoother technical performance of ads in Apple’s system because of its compact integration between software and hardware. With the Android system, there is a notable performance lag sometimes.

The ads that were served on the iPad were the most lucrative of all. They had an eCPM of $3.96. this was about a dollar more per thousand ads than the iPhone. This was still considerably more than those on the Android systems. The study has also pointed out that large screen and touch screen devices are earning publishers more revenue. Devices that support user interaction with advertisements like click of a contact number in the ad to direct a call prove to be more lucrative.