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Google Developing Its Own Fiber Network

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Google Developing Its Own Fiber Network

It is a service that has been long awaited. It is now ready to enter the beta stage. All Google services and products go through the beta stage. Google Fiber was launched in Kansas City yesterday. It will give people the option of extreme internet speeds and a new television service.



Google Fiber is to provide 1,000 mbps for both the download and upload speeds. It is a good option in broadband service, making it probably the best possible broadband service till now. Bandwidth has become expensive nowadays. Google wants to change that by not keeping any monthly caps. This means that overages will not be charged for using excess data.

Currently, no broadband service is offering such download speeds at affordable rates like seventy dollars a month. Google Fiber is also providing 1 TB of cloud storage through Google Drive. It will give a huge amount of virtual storage space which you can access from any computer you have the Google Account linked up to.

Google is also bringing Fiber TV. With it, interface will be brought as a part DVR and part cable decoder box combination. This platform allows for five hundred hours’ worth of storage and allows you to record eight shows at the same time. No other service provider can think of coming even close to Google Fiber TV.

Fiber TV along with the data plan may be priced at one hundred and twenty dollars a month with the installation charge being three hundred dollars. Fiber TV will be integrated with all the major social networks.