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4G may push up your Smartphone Bills

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If you are thinking about upgrading to a 4G phone, you can also plan to pay a little more every month as the 2 GB data caps are going to take their toll. On an average, people are using about 750MB of data on their mobile devices currently.

The main reason for the bills going up is the large scale roll out of 4G and the lightning fast wireless networks that are being deployed. 4G is now capable of speed that can be compared to your home broadband service as it is about ten times faster than 3G phones. In the next five years, it is estimated that the average smartphone connection speed is likely to grow to three times what it is now.

If the connection becomes swifter, people keep on piling more data on their mobile handsets and they can include large video files. This will be the main cause of the download upsurge. The streaming video services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu are going to dominate the download scene in 4G phones in the next half decade. 4G is making up about fourteen per cent of the global mobile traffic and that is likely to rise to almost half of all the traffic in the next five years.

People owning 4G phones usually download videos by impulse. It has a great impact on the wireless network carriers and also on your pockets. As you build up more GBs on your 4G devices, you will end up paying more. The smartphone traffic is going to shift more and more to Wi-Fi now.