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Cheapest iPhone In The World

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Aircel of India will offer what is possibly the cheapest iPhone. This is going to be a pleasant surprise for many people as currently Airtel is offering the 3GS iPhone at Rs.20, 908. Aircel has cut down the iPhone 3GS price to $180 or Rs.9, 999. This pricing will make the iPhone 3GS the cheapest iPhone available anywhere in the world although this same phone is available for free on a contract in the United States of America as far as ownership total cost is concerned.

Aircel will offer this black 8GB phone for an upfront payment of Rs.9, 999 or an advance rental payment of Rs.3, 000. The advance rental option will give you 2GB of data per month for a year or thousand minutes and two thousand five hundred text messages per month for half a year.

The phone will also be available unlocked. You will be able to take the phone anywhere in the world and insert any SIM of your choice. It will only cost an additional fifty five dollars. In the USA, you can pick up the 8GB 3GS iPhone for free but with a monthly contract of $39.99 for two years. Overall, the contract would cost $960 over a period of couple of years and the phone will be locked to AT&T for the entire tenure of the contract.

As an alternative, an unlocked iPhone is available in the United States for $375 or British Pounds 319 in the United Kingdom. The Aircel iPhone 3GS is now the cheapest in the world by a big margin. The price of Rs. 9, 999 with Aircel is a large cut back in the cost of the phone.

It has to be noted that this offer on iPhone 3GS is available only on post paid connections. The rental option of Rs. 3,000 per month is available also only in those circles where Aircel is offering 3G with a usage cap of 2GB per month. After exhausting the 2GB, users can continue to pay a price to continue to download data at the speed of 128 kbps.