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Building A Private Social Network For Your Employees

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Companies need a social network platform badly for their employees to motivate collaboration and innovation among them. It is not at all difficult. Humans can land on the moon and send exploratory rover cars to Mars. Speaking of which, NASA launched its internal network called SpaceBook three years ago for its workers to go online any time they felt like to get feedback and learn from the experiences of others to collaborate on various projects in order to get to know each other better. But about a month ago, NASA terminated that network.

The reason why the network was shut down is because workers were not explained sufficiently on what they could do with SpaceBook to keep the momentum of collaboration going. It takes a good strategy to make your internal social network successful. This has to be done with a constant follow through. An internal corporate social network is important because people can do things with data and information that they cannot do with simple email. You can use only a social networking platform to ponder over `Who do I know that knows what I need to know?’ routine.

Corporate social networks will offer great benefits like giving the employees a stronger vocal platform and will help them to pool and share information. A social network also strengthens the culture of the corporation. Companies have started using internal groups in a network to enhance communication among employees and they are using such groups to introduce new employees before they start work on their first day. Companies can share HR info and policies with new workers on this network.