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Android Bug has opened Smartphones to outside Control

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Experts in cyber security have found out about a flaw in a component of the operating system of Google Inc.’s widely used Android smartphone. The experts feel that the hackers can exploit this flaw to gain control of the devices. The researchers at start-up cyber security firm, `CrowdStrike’, say that they have figured out how to use this bug to start attacks and take control of some Android devices.

CrowdStrike pointed out at a conference that an attacker can send an eMail or a text message that will look like it is coming from a trustworthy source like the user’s phone carrier. The message may urge the recipient to click on a link. If it is done, it will infect the device. At that point, this hacker will gain control of the phone which will allow him or her to listen to phone calls and monitor the location of the device.

If this is going to happen, then the mobile devices are going to become highly vulnerable to types of attacks that are carried out widely against PCs. Hackers find vulnerabilities that were previously unknown in such cases and then they exploit these flaws with malicious software that is sent through links or attached documents. Smartphone users have to start getting prepared for these types of attacks. Such attacks cannot be identified or avoided by mobile device security software.

These attacks will work on every smartphone device with modifications and they represent the biggest security threat.