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Tech Tips

Triboelectric Generators To Power Touch Screens

triboelectric-generator-1Triboelectric generators will be able to allow electricity-generated touch screens. The pyramid patterns which are created in polymer sheets will increase the production of the electric current in the latest triboelectric generators.


Impressive Physical Keyboard For iPhone

Impressive_Physical_Keyboard_For_iPhoneSpike is a flipping keyboard for iPhone. It is a case combo that adds a flip-out physical keyboard to an iPhone 4/4S. There have been many physical keyboard options recently for iPhone users who are not happy with touch screen typing. The options have ranged from full-sized Bluetooth like the Jorno folding keyboard to cases with integrated keyboards like Nuu Minikey. The Spike keyboard case combo of SoloMatrix has a hinged physical keyboard which flips up to give easier access to the full touch screen.


Will You Lose Internet Tomorrow?

DNSChanger-Malware-300x300Are you ready to avoid the malware meltdown tomorrow? Many thousands of PCs are going to be at risk all over the world. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had put a security ring around the deadly virus last year and the protection ends today.


Great Smartphone Apps For Your Dad

manly-appsYou may not have noticed but your dad will be looking forward to all kinds of interesting apps for his smartphone. Remember that all dads love their tech toys. You can pleasantly surprise your dad with some great apps for his smartphone if he does not already have them.


Next Version Of Amazon Android Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle_Fire_2A new and thinner version of the Kindle Fire with high definition display will be out within a month. It will be thinner and lighter.  The screen will be a 1280x800 high definition seven-inch one.


How To Handle Your Rising Electric Bill?

How_to_Save_Money_on_Electric_Bills_6120930_460How are you going to find out what is making your electric bill go up? It is peak energy consumption time now during the summer and monsoon days. How will you know how much electricity is your air-conditioner eating up?


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