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Tips and Tricks to Protect Yourself from Email and Web Scams

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When you go through your emails you need to keep an eye on the presence of scams that have the ability to destroy your privacy, and delve into your personal data to extract every single thing that you’ve always wanted to keep away from others. These scams can be accompanied by anything ranging from a cell phone spy to PC monitoring software, which can conjure up identity theft with all the discretion in the world. Therefore there should be a lot on your plate – and mind, for that matter – while surfing through the miraculous world of the Internet.


iPhone 5 Likely To Shrink Connector

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the-dock-connector-will-be-smaller-likelyIt looks like iPhone 5 is making room for a headphone jack. The dock connector is to be shrunk. The thirty-pin connector is going to be replaced with a smaller nineteen-pin connector to make way for earphones moving to the bottom. Reuters has confirmed that the headphone jack will be joining the dock connector port at the bottom of the phone much in the same way as the iPod Touch and with a similar configuration.


Harman Gadget To Control Functions Of The Car

BA-AY211_harmon_G_20120309203612There is a new gadget that is being developed by Harman Technologies and it will come out in the market in a couple of years. It will control the functions of a car with a wink or a nod of the driver’s head. A computer which is mounted on the dash board interprets the gestures corresponding to a chain of commands for the radio, SatNav, heating and cell phone.


What Is VoLTE?

VolteVoLTE means Voice over Long Term Evolution. Voice over LTE is a technology which is standards-based required to support voice calls over an LTE network.


Yahoo Password Theft Could Compromise Your Other Passwords

passwords-security-and-inertia-a-toxic-brewHackers have gained access recently to Yahoo passwords of nearly four hundred and fifty thousand users. Yahoo has announced that it has sorted out the security flaws and is claiming that it has taken action to fix the vulnerability by deploying extra security measures for the affected users. All those affected users will be asked a series of authentication queries and will be informed to change their security information including their password.


Wishtel Announces Ira Thing II In India

WishTel-IRA-THING-21Wishtel is launching another Android tablet for Rs.6, 500 in India. This seven-inch tablet has a 1.5 GHz processor and Android 4.0 operating system. The tablet will support fourteen languages in India. it will be available in yellow, black, red, pink, blue and white colors.


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