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Paperlessness - What is Paperless Office?

messydesk1Digital technology has proven itself so efficient to a point that it has actually taken out paper from the office paperwork equation.  Ever since word processing via desktop computers became the norm three decades ago, more and more companies have enlightened themselves up to the wisdom of paperless office paperwork.

Company owners with paperless office policies in practice in their enterprises are highly likely to prefer more advanced modes of documentation, correspondence and documentary exchange methods. Such methods are predominantly run by online technology and are achieved through various web-accessible devices like computers with strong broadband connections, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


iOS 6 Business Features - In Depth Analysis

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ios-6With the upcoming iPad Mini and New iPhone/iPhone 5 launch, there’s reason to also be excited about iOS 6.  The new OS is rumored to be released on September 21, the same date as the highly speculated release of the new iPhone. 

Business users have much to be excited about as iOS 6 comes fully packed with productivity features that will make it an even stronger competitor for the title of “best business phone.”  Here’s what professionals can expect from iOS 6:



Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 Launched

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Ever since I lost my Palm Pre (I hate you HP for killing webOS), all the android phones look same to me. I am not impressed by iPhone(s) at all and hate the fact that I HAVE to use iTunes to transfer my stuff to iPhone.

When microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7, I wasn't quite impressed by it but looks like the OS has matured into Windows Phone 8 and with Nokia & Microsoft's tie-up, we are seeing some amazing and robust devices like Nokia Lumia series. Just today, Nokia has launched its latest flagship phone Nokia Lumia 920 powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8. This is the second Windows Phone 8 after Samsung's ATIV S


The Best Portable External Backup Power Sources for Your Mobile Devices

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Everyone seems to be pretty dependent on mobile devices these days. Everywhere you turn, there’s  someone ducked down and looking into a tablet, a laptop, or their smartphone. Businessmen, in particular, are most often seen this way. Stock market and corporate execs, agents, and salespeople need to be on top of their game, and that means knowing precisely what is going on.


Role of Quad-Core in the Smartphone Race

quad-coreThe HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the LG Optimus 4X HD, the Meizu MX 4-core—what do these have in common? If you answered “quad-core processors,” then you’re absolutely right. That’s the major selling point mobile phone manufacturers are selling consumers this year, and it’s hard to find flagships that don’t have this entry on the spec-sheet.


Cellphone Tracking: Public Protection or State-Sanctioned Crime?

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How the United States’ law-enforcement agencies have been barging into their citizens’ privacy by spying on their cellphones, courtesy cellphone spy software, and tracking theirdata – and how one man has dared to question its legality. Well, two, actually.

Rep. Ed Markey has been a busy bee off late. Having found in 2011 that the United States police had made as many as 1.3 million requests to various wireless carriers to reveal their customers’ data in a period of time, Markey recently released a series of reports provided to him by nine carriers about how often they responded to police requests for such information. Assuming that the number was fairly large – large enough to jolt our man into action – he decided to weigh down on the Justice Department on the legality of the United States law enforcers’ actions.


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