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The Buzz around BlackBerry 10

blackberry-10-phones-promo-leaked-0It looks like Research In Motion has created a huge buzz in the world of communication and among their staunch loyalists last week with the launch of their new devices, BlackBerry 10 models. RIM is going ahead with the Indian apps developer community to build feature rich apps. Will this move resurrect the company in a market which has been recently dominated by Android models and Apple designs?


Get The Best Smart TV Technology


The latest advancement in technology to hit the high streets is the smart TV. Due to the popularity of the smart TV, retailers like Richer Sounds are finding themselves running out of stock and having to order more of these devices in to sell. But why is the smart TV so popular?

Well, a smart TV is like a convergence between the internet and the features of web 2.0. When you ask a layman about smart television, the first thing that might surprise him is the method by which the computing ability is connected to your television. The integration between a computer and a set top box is amazing.


The New Killer Feature from BlackBerry

The_New_Killer_Feature_from_BlackBerryFor people who depend on their phones a little too much day and night, BlackBerry may have just addressed a very big issue by breaking off from the trend towards batteries which are built-in and also by punching in some of its own technologies.


Which Version of Windows 8 is Right for You?

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Windows_8The version of Windows 8 that you select will depend on your company’s exclusive needs. You will need to look at each version of Windows 8 before you take your decision. You have Windows 8 Standard, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and windows RT.


How To Watch Country Specific Content From Anywhere

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unotelly-premium-channels-freeWith the internet getting into more and more people's computer, information is right at your fingertips. There are about more than a billion people using facebook everyday and about the same people using Youtube to watch their favorite videos online.

But there are always those country specific content that is blocked for users outside those countries. Ever wanted to watch an online video from CBS or BBC iPlayer, only to find it’s only available to those people living in the United States or UK? Well, here is a neat little solution that will solve your problems and open up your computer to millions of videos and web services from all over the world


Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC WP8X - King Of Windows Phone 8


The Windows Phone 8 is here. The Nokia Lumia 920 has been getting more press but the HTC Windows Phone 8X has been inching into consumer’s consciousness in the last few weeks.

So who should reign as the Windows Phone 8 king? Let us find out.


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