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Bigger Is Not Always Better in Televisions

panasonics_145_inchBigger is not always better when it is concerning selection of television screens. The screen range available today is from thirty two inches to one hundred and fifty inches. But what is best for you does not depend on the size of the television screen; it depends on the size of your room.


Simple Method of removing unwanted Apps from your Computer

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how-to-remove-unwanted-programs-image1540-580x358You need one more app to help you knock off apps that you do not require on your computer. This simple method is called `Should I remove it?’. This is developed by Reason Software. A new computer is nowadays always packed with several apps that you do not require. This kind of clutter piles up on your PC particularly if you are browsing through screens while getting a new program installed. Some of these are linked with third party code as part of a sponsorship agreement. As a result, several toolbars will settle down in your browser even if you do not require their service.


Suppressing Brilliance of Vishwaroop to please Bigotry

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Kamal_HassanAll film makers have a right to express and as long as that freedom of speech does not hurt the sentiments of a particular community of people, it cannot be suppressed. People have had to wait for over a fortnight as `Vishwaroop’ was stalled by the State powers in Tamil Nadu. How can a brilliant film maker like Kamalahasan be made to stoop down patiently to the didactic demands in a democratic nation that allows freedom of speech as a constitutional right? It goes to show that high-handedness of didactic despots and bigots still rules in our country. The Muslims can find nothing wrong in what is depicted in the film. Things around them are a mirror of what is actually happening in the world. Can they run from it or try to paint another picture?


4G may push up your Smartphone Bills

4G-smartphone-data-speeds-monsterIf you are thinking about upgrading to a 4G phone, you can also plan to pay a little more every month as the 2 GB data caps are going to take their toll. On an average, people are using about 750MB of data on their mobile devices currently.


How to Erase Sensitive Data from your Computer

laptopWhen you use your computer, you build up a large amount of personal information. In case of giving your computer away or selling it, erasing the personal information from your computer would be advisable. There are many ways to get that done. You can format your computer or depend on third party software. Formatting would most probably be sufficient in erasing that personal information.


Eggxactly Will Toast Your Eggs

originalA British designer has made a device that will cook an egg and you do not require any water for doing that. Eggxactly will serve as a toaster for eggs. Conventional method of boiling an egg requires a pot of water and fire or steam. With this device, you can boil the egg directly without any requirement of water.


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