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Office 2013 Licenses Cannot be Transferred to Other Computers

Microsoft has confirmed that the Office 2013 licenses are not transferable to other computers. It is not a secret any more that the Office 2013 copies are now bound to a single computer. Microsoft has asserted that the license of the software cannot be reassigned to another personal computer as it was earlier possible with the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Now, the software cannot be transferred to another machine even if the original is lost, stolen or destroyed.


Finding Your Match at Canoodle

canoodlePeople hesitated viewing the online dating sites few years ago. It was not the topic of conversation with everyone. Despite that, many people were visiting those online dating sites. Online dating was considered like meeting a person at a bar a generation ago. Whatever the case may be, it was too tempting to be ignored.


Samsung has Launched the Rex Phones in India

Samsung has announced the launch of its Rex range of feature phones. These phones will be sold as `Samsung Rex’ brand. The models are REX 60, REX70, REX 80 and REX 90. They are priced at a range of Rs. 4, 280 to Rs. 6, 490.

SamsungRexLaunchThese Rex series range phones have been specially developed for the Indian market. Samsung has announced that it considers the Rex series as a means to expand their exposure and appeal in the Indian phone market. These phones are going to target the young crowd exclusively. Samsung is going to introduce these products after some time in USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle east and China.


You Can See Through A Phone Now

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Smartphone-1Polytron wants to launch a transparent phone prototype so that you can see through it while using it. You have perhaps seen phones with clear glass in science fiction films. The recent film that comes to mind is `Looper’. The reality may be closer than you have earlier dreamed of.


Micromax Phablet Goes on Sale Tomorrow

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MicromaxCanvasHD_ReleasedateThe first quad core processor phone of Micromax, A116 Canvas HD, will go on sale tomorrow. The phone is going to be priced at Rs.13, 990 and will be made available through the website of Micromax at


Launch of New Surface Pro

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surface-3The new commercial has been launched for the Surface Pro with break dancing and beat boxing in Las Vegas. Four months ago, Microsoft had launched its first Surface television ad and now it has come back with a second advertisement. This was aired during the Grammy awards program and it featured a focus on the pen input for Microsoft’s latest tablet.


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