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Your World will be reflected in the augmented Mirror of the Future

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An augmented mirror of the future will reflect you and your world. The research and development laboratory of the New York Times has developed a digital advanced mirror that allows you to interact with personalized data during your morning routine.

Do not expect this mirror to make its way into your local hardware shop in the near future. It is a proof of concept designed to explore how the relationship between exploration and yourself is going to evolve and how the media content from the New York Times and others might play a role.

The mirror is made of a semi reflective glass surface that displays a normal reflection beneath a high contrast graphic layer. The surface can detect and respond to gestures and objects and give you an augmented reflection. For example, the mirror will use facial recognition to pull up that data which you might want to access during your morning routine such as the day’s headlines, your calendar and health statistics.

Voice commands and gestures will be powered by Kinect and they could be used to pull up full screen video messages from other mirror users. This device could even be used to recognize certain behavior to remind you to perhaps make up for lost sleep or to adjust your morning route to accommodate traffic conditions. You could even tap your phone to the mirror to sync content.