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The Thinnest TV Debut at CES

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Lucky Goldstar Electronics is to sell the world’s thinnest 3D television. It is going to sell the 55 inch TV using new ultra thin technology. The choice for many years in flat panel televisions has been between plasma and liquid crystal display. Now, there is going to be another choice for people who are ready to spend big. This television is going to start around five thousand dollars. 

LG Electronics is planning to sell this 55 inch set based on organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The set was shown off at the International Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. Samsung Electronics also revealed an OLED TV at the show. This video will show that.


The screen technology has been in use in high-end smartphones and it offers deep and saturated colors with high contrast. It is rather difficult to make larger screens with consistent results. About four years back, Sony sold an 11 inch OLED TV, XEL-1, for $2,500. It never followed it up with a bigger model.

Though LG and Samsung have shown proto type OLED TVS at this show, they have not announced any definite marketing schedules.

In addition to improved picture quality, OLED TVs are the thinnest. LG’s set will be 4mm thick and will weigh only eight kilograms. The television has a refresh rate of 600 Hz. This is considered as the world’ thinnest television panel for its size and dimension. The panel uses an ultra slim, edge-lit light emitting diode backlight system and proprietary optical film technology.