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Robotics start-ups in India

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Robotics has been the field of major interest in this centuary. One of the fast developing fields in science takes its next step. Commercial Robots will be making their debut in houses by 2030 says Indian  Robotic Engineer Prof. Prahlad Vadakeppat.

His studens along with him are working on robots that help and care the elderly and even to assist doctors.

"Interactive robotic systems would be able to communicate and assist in homes and those with less mobility like the elderly would have robots on an assisted technical platform, which will be used to get them water, their medications and newspapers," he explained. He also added that mass production of human like robots will begin in about 5 to 10 years in India, China and Singapore.

The Indian Prof. recently held technical speech on  'Advances in Robotics'. Two footed humanoid robots fitted with camera and sensors capable of playing, dancing etc. The highlight of the event was that a robot  that has a re-configurable modular robotic system, which will make it possible to link two small robots to perform a function . Such advancements in Robotics draws young talents in large numbers.

To enhance their ideas in exploring Robotics, a Robotic World Cup is going to be organised in Banglore later this year and also in Dubai by 2011 and is to be organised by  the Federation of International Robot- Soccer Association founded by the Indian Prof. Vadakeppat.