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Modern Warfare III packs Action Equivalent of 10 War Flicks

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This new Call of Duty Modern Warfare III video game delivers a punch for all game lovers. It is a thrilling first person shooter war game with all the action and drama of ten Hollywood war flicks. The developers have fulfilled their aims for the third time in a row. This game may just be one of the biggest selling of the year. Another cracker that was released this year was Uncharted III: Drake’s Deception.

The Company that brought it out, Activision Blizzard has managed a difficult task of giving all `Call of Duty’ fans a fresh blockbuster game each November for the past couple of years. The game has so many multi layers that all the fans could keep themselves busy for most of the year. Modern Warfare is one of the toppers within the Call of Duty series. This game specializes on first person combat in the modern age. This game will become as big as it gets in the first person shooting cadre. The Call of Duty games are bringing in more than a billion dollars in revenue for the Company. Game and market analysts are expecting this production to sell more than twenty million units beating last year’s record of Call of Duty Black Ops.

The single player campaign wraps up a story that started in 2007 with the first game in the Modern Warfare series. That game had taken the series out of the Second World War and brought it to a whole new level of serious single player and multi player modern day warfare.