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Get Paid To Send Free SMSes

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You may have seen the news or heard it here that if you are using Virgin Mobile, you can get paid to receive incoming calls and free SMS. But here is a new startup that claims to pay you to send free SMSes.

Hyderabad based local start-up, Absolute Software Technologies has launched a free SMS site that lets registered users to send free SMSes up to 140 characters.

Those who send free SMSes will get a chance to earn up to Re 1 for each SMS depending on the advertisements the site gets that particular dayTop users would get ranks every week, depending on the usage and volume of advertisements.

Payments would vary according to the ranks the users obtained through an automated system. The company will pay up to Rs. 1/- per SMS to total SMS sent by You in a Particular Camapign Period ( WEEKLY) in the form of CHEQUE, Online Tranfer,  GIFT worth of your  earnings or we will DONATE your earnings to any charity on behalf of you.

The site is called

How it Works?

  • The amount will be calculated on total SMS sent by a user in particular campaign period.  (Normally campaign period is one week from Monday 00:00:00 hrs to Sunday 23:59:59 hrs.)
  • Program will updates the total SMS sent by a user for every 3 to 4 hours and the top 20 users will be displayed on the website live with their username, no of sent SMS and their rank.
  • At the end of campaign, the top 20 SMS senders will be declare as the WINNERS ( Presently the company is  paying to top 20 users & plan to extend up to Top 10000 users) by the program.  And the campaign wise winner list will be displayed on the website with their username, no of sent SMS, Rank and their Earnings
  • All the winners will be notify in their user panel, and can claim their prize money by filling a form.  A minimum earnings of Rs. 150/- must to claim the prize money.  The prize money or the sent SMS of a particular campaign period will never carry farwared.
  • Every campaign will be start with fresh counting.  So that every user will get a chance to win the prize.

So if you look at the terms and conditions, its kind of a contest. At first I thought no matter how many SMSes you send, you will get paid a certain Rs. for that.

I liked the idea, particularly for advertisers, its a great way to penetrate into the mobile advertising. For users like me and you, not so great.

Also such sites should focus on on-time payment and commitment to get strengh. There are so many cases where Indian companies don't pay well on time.