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Launch Your Product On Twitter With TwitGuru has grown from a simple micro social networking platform to a product launch, product promotion platform. I remember how Dell made millions of dollars promoting their products via twitter.

If you are an e-commerce company and want to promote your product, now you have a platform that will help you promote your brand or a product without having a huge marketing budget.

Hexolabs, a UP based company launched a human powered ad network on Twitter, a great online advertising and marketing platform to take your product across the continents in a very short time.


Manage And Plan Your Staff Online Free

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PoorBest you are running a small shop or company that requires staff planning, what do you use? Regular calendar? write down employees names on each days? what about vacations? It is a pain to maintain and plan the staff roster.

But things are now changing and there are people who are working for you to create smart applications that will take the pain out of your day to day job.

Here is a web based application that will take all the pain out of staff scheduling. It provides you with easy to use staff scheduling software, with no downloads, no expensive licence fees, and no installation hassle.


Create Professional Videos Free With Stupeflix

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StupeflixDigital Camera is very common now and we take hundreds and thousands of pictures but when it comes to store those pictures, we end up creating a CD that can be played in any DVD player but those pictures are pretty dull to watch without any music and effects.

I always wanted to learn some video editing techniques so that I can create some professional looking photo CDs but now you don't have to learn any techniques.


Now Order Your Tiffin Online - ApnaTiffin

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I remember when I was doing my Engg. in Rajkot, food was the biggest concern. In India you don't have to worry about food as you can stop at any roadside stall and can eat whatever you want but again you can not have that every day. You always need home made food. Most of the collegeans and bachelors know the importance of Tiffin. 

Tiffin is an An Anglo Indian name for a meal is called Tiffin. Whether its a in-between-meals for Tamilian, light lunch prepared for working men by their wives or lunches packed by parents for children attending school. A common approach is to put rice in one box, dal in another and yet other items in the third or fourth. The other items could be breads, such as naan, vegetable curry and finally a sweet.

We used to wait for the tiffin during our college time and it was like playing a bingo game. Every day was surprise and when you are hungry, anything goes. But finding a person who delivers tiffin is a tough task. Most of the time, word of mouth publicity works but now, you can get your tiffin online.


Free High Definition Movies -

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If you are looking for some really high definition videos, YouTube is not the place for you. You can {ln:Watch Youtube Videos in High Definition(HD)} but you might get a mixture of regular low quality videos and HD Videos. Here is a new startup that gives you HD Videos Movies without any fuss.



Search The WWW Privacy Safe-Seach Engine Yauba

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YaubaWe have seen so many search engines starting from yahoo, MSN, Google, Microsoft Live, Baidu...and our Indian search engine Guruji. When it comes to privacy, looks like they all try to get as much information about you as possible so that they can serve you better with more relavent content.

Here comes a new search engine that claims to give you privacy safe environment. Yauba is a new, experimental, Indian search engine that seeks to transform the way people find information online, while providing maximum protection for their safety, security and privacy.


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