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Backup All Your Google, Facebook And Other Online Account

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Now users can backup all their files to a central place with a few clicks. This is an internet service that allows the user to access their documents, tweets, blogs, pictures, etc. from all their online accounts.

These files are stored in cloud based storage service provided by Amazon S3. We can also download the same to our local computer straight from the website.


Robotics start-ups in India

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Robotics has been the field of major interest in this centuary. One of the fast developing fields in science takes its next step. Commercial Robots will be making their debut in houses by 2030 says IndianĀ  Robotic Engineer Prof. Prahlad Vadakeppat.

His studens along with him are working on robots that help and care the elderly and even to assist doctors.


Buy Fruits And Vegetables Online In Surat

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Does it sound strange and weird? Well it's not just a statement, if you are living in Surat, you can really buy your fresh fruits and vegetables online.

Mandi on wheels is an enterprise focused on bringing the 'mandi' closer to your home while keeping the essence of great range & fabulous quality alive.

Read more... - There is a Matrimony Site For Them

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PoorBest Apple is busy building appliations for "that", India is busy brining up matrimonial sites for "that". So instead of saying "There is an app for that", we can say "there is a matrimony site for them".

Read more... - Crowd Sourced Digg Like 24-7 Live Radio

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PoorBest listening to a FM radio station, do you ever feel like the song that is being played sucks and you could just skip to the next one? Or start playing your favorite song? Well you can do that now with new startup called


Your Doctor's Appointment Via SMS With Eatherway

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eatherwayHow many times have you visited a doctor with an appointment? You know how it feels when you visit the doctor and you have to wait for hours before your turn. It really is painful and waste of time visiting a doctor without an appointment. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just text your doctor for the appointment and get your appointment confirmed right on your mobile?

An appointment with your doctor is just an SMS away. You no longer have to wait in long queues to meet your doctor. You can schedule an appointment and receive token numbers by just sending an SMS from your mobile phone.


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