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Nokia Pushing The Cheapest Dual SIM Feature Phone In India

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Nokia_pushing_the_cheapest_dual_SIM_feature_phone_in_IndiaNokia is pushing two budget phones in India. Nokia has announced today that it will sell two budget mobile phone models, Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 in India, knowing very well the demand of the users in the Indian market. These two new additions in the Indian market are focused at consolidating and strengthening the Company’s position in the low-cost budget cell phone markets.


Windows 7 Users Are Looking Ahead To Windows 8

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Windows_7_Users_Are_Looking_Ahead_To_Windows_8When Windows 7 came on the scene, it was a great improvement on the Vista and it was also a bigger success. Many people forgot about the XP after the advent of Windows 7. With Windows 8 round the corner and the Windows 8 Tablet Developer Preview on hand, the same feeling of something big is looming over our heads and even Microsoft feels that this will be the biggest thing after the revolution of Windows 95. Windows 8 is being projected as `Touch the Future’.


Microsoft Has Reported Half A Million Downloads Of The New Windows Preview

Microsoft_Has_Reported_Half_A_Million_Downloads_Of_The_New_Windows_PreviewMicrosoft has reported that there are already half a million downloads of the new Windows Preview. Developers have been busy downloading copies of the Windows 8 Preview version since its initiation day before yesterday. This has given evidence of interest in an operating system that is likely to take on Apple’s software.


Sony Announces New Handheld PlayStation In Tokyo

Sony_Announces_New_Handheld_PlayStation_in_TokyoSony Corporation has announced in a press conference at Tokyo that it will launch its new PlayStation Vita handheld games device on 17th December in Japan. It has also made it clear that it is not going to discount the price as Nintendo had done with its 3DS device. It is a bold decision by Sony considering what happened to Nintendo.


Nintendo Releasing Four Mario Related Titles For 3DS

Nintendo_Releasing_Four_Mario_Related_Titles_For_3DSNintendo Company is going to release four new Mario related games for its 3DS handheld game console. It is also going to release many of its own new titles and also those from third party software makers for its struggling new game machine to revive its appeal. Nintendo is also going to update the handheld game console’s hardware for its camera to take 3D movies.


Philips Comeing Back With Xenium Phones

Philips_Comes_Back_To_The_Mobile_Phone_MartPhilips has been in hiding from the Indian mobile phone market since the past five years. Now, it is returning with the introduction of its Xenium phones for the lower and middle mobile phone segments. The Dutch Company’s phones will be distributed in the Indian market by Chinese Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communication Company that had bought Philips’ mobile phone business long time back and still continues to have the rights to its branding in markets like India.


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