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Three Exciting New Mobile Apps For Video Sharers

Three_Exciting_New_Mobile_Apps_for_Video_SharersThe exciting new mobile Apps are Keek, Nexercise and Clefit.


Keek, in its simple way, is ready to make video sharing a 36-seconds or less experience via mobile or web. With Keek, you can send mobile video clips as status updates. Keek is allowing you to share micro-video moments with family and friends. They are changing the norm which says that a status update has to be on text.


Sakshat Now Aakash, World's Cheapest Android Tablet

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Sakshat_Now_Aakash_The_Cheapest_Tablet_ComputerThe Minister of Communications and Information Technology has finally launched the $35 tablet (under Rs.1700) device which is now being named `Aakash’. It was earlier announced as `Sakshat’ and was almost beginning to look like a myth. After much delay and frustration from many people, it is now out under the nurturing of the Minister of Communications.


RIM Launching BlackBerry Curve 9360

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BlackBerry-Curve-9360-T-Mobile-USRIM (Research in Motion) has launched its new Blackberry Curve smartphone in India, pricing it at Rs.19, 990. It will have the new BlackBerry OS7 system, GPS and Wi-Fi with a memory support of up to 32 GB and a 5 mega pixel camera with video recording and flash.


BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry_Torch_9860The general impression is that people in India are quite happy with the hardware build quality of BlackBerry Torch 9860. The buttons that come in the front are a welcome change from the soft touch ones that the users have got in the past. The back of the phone is curved and the phone feels great to hold. It is responsive and comes with the OS7 system. The only disadvantage is that there is a lack of OS7 applications that are available on the AppStore. The price is nothing great. It is bearable at Rs. 28,490 ($585).


Samsung Is Starting A New Chip Line To Boost Flash Memory

Samsung-Begins-Production-At-New-10-Billion-Dollars-Chip-Line-300x225Samsung has launched a ten billion dollar production line earlier today for memory chips that are used exclusively in tablets and smartphones. Samsung is emphasizing its dominance in the memory chips industry even though the smaller players in Japan and Taiwan are cutting down output in the midst of a downturn in this sector that has led to the chips prices being driven down and it has put even some manufacturers into losses.


The Thunderbolt Display Of Apple For Macworld

The_Thunderbolt_Display_of_Apple_for_MacworldApple’s Thunderbolt Display is being considered as probably the cleverest display ever. Macworld lab has received the new display and it has started to test the new features. The Thunderbolt Display’s specifications are impressive. It is going to be priced at $999.


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