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UnWind Your Daily Grind -

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If you are tired of your work and have loads of complaints, you don't have to just sit on your office chair and keep grueling about it. Now you have an option to unwind yourself and talk about your office relocation problembs, control freak bosses at OfficeGupShup.


Bangalore based company has just launched their office entertainment and gossip site to the general public, following an earlier release to a selected beta community. is a space for office gossip and entertainment, where one can laugh and unwind after that long grueling day at work. The website provides a platform for like-minded people to network, express and

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ThinkingSpace Technologies which was started in May 2007 by three computer engineering graduates from University of Pune, has just launched their first product in Beta called The trio (Don't know the names. I might have to shoot an email to them to know about them more) from University of Pune wants to create smart, extremely simple software which solves important, everyday problems. Huh !!


You might think of this website as some kind of city related information, but its not a city specific site. The site is basically event management tool where you can create your events, invite your friends and manage your event.



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