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Zero Day Java Exploit

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java-7-The Chief Security Officer at Facebook has given some latest information in an exclusive interview. The report is that Facebook computers have been compromised by Zero-Day Java exploit. It has been discovered that some systems belonging to the Facebook engineers have been hacked by means of a zero-day Java attack which ended up installing some previously unknown malware.


A Pen that Alerts You When You Make Writing Errors



We have become dependent on digital technology quite a bit and now we can rely on it for mundane things like checking our grammar and spelling too. You can now pick up a garden variety ballpoint pen and you will be associated with a built-in dictionary.


Colors of Peacock Feathers to Influence the Next Generation of Screen Display

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130205123017-largeThe color mechanism of a peacock’s feathers could now be unlocked leading to the next generation of color displays on screens and their high resolution. The foundation that makes the feathers of a peacock look iridescent is actually structural color. This has been the field of study for many scientists as they have attempted to use it in everyday technology. Whatever research has been done so far has resulted in work done without the rainbow effect that makes the colors unstable based on the angle of the viewer.


Samsung Has Brought QWERTY Back On Galaxy Chat

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samsung-galaxy-chatThe QWERTY keyboard has made an appearance once again in the smartphone market despite many smartphone manufacturers switching to the touch screen- only design. QWERTY is back on Samsung’s latest Android smartphone, the Galaxy Chat.


Tabplus Rio is launched by a Bangalore Based Company

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tab-plus-tabletA Bangalore based company, Digital Waves, has launched a new tablet in the Indian market. It is called Tabplus Rio. It is priced at Rs. 11, 990. It is an Android 2.3 tablet which comes with a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor. It has a 7 inch screen and the storage capacity is up to 32 GB via Micro SD.


The Thinnest TV Debut at CES

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The_Thinnest_TV_Debut_at_CESLucky Goldstar Electronics is to sell the world’s thinnest 3D television. It is going to sell the 55 inch TV using new ultra thin technology. The choice for many years in flat panel televisions has been between plasma and liquid crystal display. Now, there is going to be another choice for people who are ready to spend big. This television is going to start around five thousand dollars. 


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