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You Can Access Your PC Anywhere With Desi iTwin

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Lux Ananthraman from Chennai has created iTwin which is a pair of identical USB drives that share data between them over any connection. You can insert these USB drives that you are carrying in any computer and you can securely access all your files and without the need for any third party software. You just need an internet access for iTwin. It costs just Rs.5, 000 or equivalent of a hundred dollars.

Ananthraman is a 1994 IIT Chennai graduate and a postgraduate from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has reported that iTwin is a cable-less cable. It is easy for transferring files between two devices but without the clutter and the hassle. There is no tricky software involved and no lengthy configuration procedures. There are no complicated logins or passwords. Once you plug it in, you are ready to transfer files.

The data always remains on your computer and the transfer is fully encrypted. You are always in complete control of your own setup. It is user friendly with no setting up pains. If you lose one USB, you can unplug the other one from your personal computer to secure all your data. You can also disable the other USB remotely by using a pass code generated at the time of pairing the devices for the first time. Ananthraman has teamed up with his Singapore colleague, Kal Takru, to develop iTwin in Singapore. Many people may think that the name and design resembles something from Apple. But it has no connection whatsoever.

Here is the video explaining how it works


Few questions I have to the makers of iTwin

  • Once I detach the second part of the USB and attach it to the second computer, do I have to attach those two piecees again at some point?
  • Do these two USB devices are constantly in sync with each other or there is some other process involved to keep them in sync?