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Why Siri Is Big Deal For iPhone? SpeakToIt Beats Siri

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Ever since Apple released iPhone 4S or even announced the features of iPhone 4S, all the Apple fans are going all GAGA over the Apple's new SIRI feature. Siri is basically a virtual assistant for your Apple iPhone 4S. You can talk to your phone and do some basic tasks like add a reminder, send texts, call a number, check weather and search the web.

So why Siri is superior? For Android Users, SpeakToIt app does what Siri does and do some more

Right after switching to Motorola Photon, I started exploring different features of Android and I do agree that Android is too fragmented and has all these malware issues but there are some solid applications out there.

SpeakToIt is one such application. SpeakToIt application is basically an Open Source initiative to give your Android phone a virtual assitant that does some work for you. SpeakToIt allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, update your facebook status, Check your calendar, some basic calculations, Find wikipedia information and the best of all, it can open up application for you too.

While Siri is a dumb faceless Microphone that you speak to, SpeakToIt infact has a face. You can customize the look of your virtual assistant. You can choose between male/female, change the clothes, hair style, make up and what not. You can even change the voice of your Android Personal Assistant.

SpeakToIt came out in March 2011, you can check out the video below that exlains what SpeakToIt can do for you. So after 7 months of the release of SpeakToIt, how come Apple Siri is a big deal for iPhone users?


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