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Now Type in Hindi With Predictions on iPad iPhone Android

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Indian languages are now adapted and accepted worldwide, at least on the internet. All the major websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo are now supporting Indian languages. You can infact type in Indian languages anywhere with Google Transliteration.

Typing in Hindi is still not easily available on iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. That has changed now. QuillPad has launched a new app that will allow you to type in Hindi on iPad and iPhone. Android version will follow soon.

With QuillPad Touch on iPad and iPhone, you can use the intelligent keyboard to write but the coolest feature about QuillPad Touch is handwritten gesture recognition. Basically you can scribble any word or character in Hindi on the gesture area and it will convert that into an actual text.

Some of the features of QuillPad Touch are

    • Compact & Natural Keyboard Layout
    • Either Vowel or Matras displayed depending on the context
    • Next keys are highlighted to make locating them easy
    • Each key needs to be pressed only once for every letter. The correct letter is selected as the word is written
    • Predicted words are displayed with most probable word highlighted
    • Auto-completion words are suggested   • Handwritten gesture recognition supported for matras, bindus and halanth
    • Any particular letter from a key can be chosen by pressing and sliding the finger
    • Two consonants can be combined together by pinching anywhere on the screen

You can also share your written content via email, post on twitter, search the web or copy to clipboard for other applications.

Check out the video below showing How to Type in Hindi on iPad & iPhone (features of QuillPad Touch)


Some points to think about

  • How many percentage of iPad/iPhone users would want to type in Hindi? If you look at the iPad/iPhone owners, majority of those are from Urban areas and use english as their choice of language.
  • This feature can be really helpful if you are trying to search the web for Hindi content.
  • You can use this app to update your social statuses in your own language.

You can download QuillPad from iTunes for free. QuillPad will soon release the Android version for all the Android lovers too.

Suggestion for the QuillPad Team:

I think making an HTML5 version of QuillPad would be a great value as it can be used on variety of future devices and you don't have to keep making different version of QuillPad Touch for different devices.