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Make Free Calls Worldwide With Localphone Android App

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If you haven't heard about Localphone, you should now. Localphone is a company that provides free and cheap international calls service across the world. It even provides cheapest calling rates to India. Well today, Localphone launched an Android App that allows you to actually use your Localphone from within your smartphone.

Some of the cool features of Localphone Android App are as follows

  • The app allows you to see all your existing contacts on your phone. It also gives you easy way to make cheap international calls in one click
  • You can add, edit and delete your contacts from wherever you are via your Localphone Android App
  • You can look up localphone call rates and get a prices instantly
  • You can check your balance  in real time.
  • You can also call or text your existing contacts through the Localphone app and save money

So here is how the Localphone Android App works.

  • You can either enter your favorite contacts and the app will assign a local phone number for your international numbers. You can then use your regular voice minutes to make phone calls.
  • If you don't want to add your contacts, you can simply dial the international number and the app will make a phone call through your local access number. The good thing is that you won't have to enter your passcode or select "1" to make a call. The app takes care of putting your through to the international call.

So far I am really liking the app. If you aren't using Localphone, I would say --