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IRCTC Pro - Free - Book Railway Tickets Via Mobile

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Indian Railways is one of the biggest employer in the world. It is also one of the biggest and largest government owned transportation system that works. There are millions of transactions happen everyday at IRCTC website and people from all over the country book railway tickets online.

Online booking of railway tickets has exploded with more and more users using smartphones and tablets in India. There are many train bookin sites in India but I am going to talk about a neat smartphone app that actually allows you to make an online rail ticket booking from within your phone.

IRCTC Pro is an android app developed by Shahul, a performance engineer for Cloud computing & JAVA based web services who used his energy and mind to get off of Facebook addiction. The application allows Android smartphone users to book railway tickets online with the ease from the comfort of one's couch.

The application is basically a one stop shop for Booking & Managing your tickets for Indian Railway. It works based on the mobile website of irctc website. Some of the features include an offline use. The app allows you to save your iternaries offline and gives you easy access for later use.

Application allows you to save your personal details like passenger info, payment info etc for easy automation for future ticket bookings. It uses Android Internal Security Framework to store those data so that it can not be compromised.

Some of the key features include

  • Auto Login: It stores your login credential with high security and will never prompt you for manual login again.
  • Improved Usability:  Major navigations in IRCTC are re-designed with latest Android Design Patterns.
  • Faster loading:  No images are downloaded, except when extremely necessary (Payment pages), saving around 1500 bytes bandwidth for every response from IRCTC.  
  • Effective IRCTC Resource utilization:  It avoids unwanted usage of IRCTC resources, as it won't create a new session unless the existing session expires.
  • Effective Processor Utilization:  It is designed with multithreading and multiprocessing support to improve speed of processing. Devices with multi-core processors should feel the difference.

Hands-on Experience

I really liked the easy and elegant user interface.  Some of the features I would like to see though are as below

  • I wonder if the app would provide a way to register a new account with IRCTC if you don't have one. It could be the limitation of irctc APIs too but would be nice to redirect user or provide a way to create an account.
  • Offline ticket search : Would be nice if a user can search for the offline tickets instead of scrolling through the list. Making it available through the global search would be even better as you don't have to open up the app.

Overall, I would surely keep this app for my future online ticket bookings for sure.

You can download this app from Google Play store