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How To Remotely Control Your Android Device

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Ever since the smartphones have taken over the traditional desktops and laptops, technology geeks are more and more serious about the usability of the mobile OS and push the mobile OS limits to its fullest.

You may have heard about remotely controlling your computer  (PC/Mac or Linux) but here is a neat little application that will actually allow you to remotely control your Android device. I am not kidding.

The application is called Optia, a product from OPTiM. How many times have you heard from a friend or a family that his/her phone is not working and he needs some help to troubleshoot what's wrong with it. Now the traditional way of giving support in such scenarios is to actually have a similar phone in your hand and then walk them through the steps.

But Optia on the other hand for Android allows you to actually share your friend/relative's android device screen with you live. So basicaly you take a control of the other Android device and then save the day.

The app is currently in beta stage and with that said, yes the application runs slow but I would give credit to the developers of this app for bringing such a nice needed feature for mobile OS.

You can install Optia from android play market. Once you install the app, you can add "New Contact". The other android device will also have to install Optia. So lets say Device A installed the Optia and Device B installed Optia.



  1. In Device A, Click on add new Contact. It will give you a screen to enter an instant code for the contact and at the same time it will display the Instant Code for Device A
  2. In Device B,  Click on add new Contact. At this point, note down the instant code for Device B listed on this screen.
  3. Back to Step 1, Enter the Instant Code that you just got from Step 2.
  4. Now Device B Contact will be listed on Device A and Device A contact will be listed on Device B.
  5. From Device A, click on the Device B contact and you will see a screen that reads, Start Support, Request Support and Delete. At this point, you can click on Start Support.
  6. Device B will be notified that Device A is requesting to take control. Click Yes and voila.. now Device B is remotely controlled by Device A.

Isn't that amazing? I would personally recommend this app. And guess what? Its free.