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Four Most Addictive MMORPG's For iOS & Android

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Smartphone gaming has seen a rise in recent times. MMORPG and other games have been received with open arms by the smartphone community. There have been several releases for android, iOS etc. Here is a list of the best available MMORPG’s.

1. Dark Legends

Dark Legends is a vampire-themed game. You get to play a character of the demon of the night as humans have found out that vampires are present in reality.

You get to kill the undead with a handful of moves and weapons. Apart from slaughtering, you get to shop and customize your avatar. Enemies are going to become stronger as you progress. Another great feature is that all players can join a single server. It’s available for android and iOS users.

2. Modern War

This game is claimed to be the first-ever graphical military game. You get to employee troops, hurt your enemies across the globe and build the base in the selected nation. The game also offers different vehicles you can make. After completing a mission, you earn cash. In-app purchases include energy and gold bars.

Alliances can be made with friends, and new friends can also be made for achieving different tasks. There are several missions to keep you busy. The game is available for both android and iOS users.

3. Order & Chaos online

This game delivers one of the greatest MMORPG experiences on iOS and android devices. The game is accessible from 3G and Wi-Fi. The controls have been interpreted smartly for the small screen. There are four races in the game; orcs, elves, undead and humans.  Humans and elves come from Order and undead and orcs are from Chaos.

 You can pick from one of these characters; ranger, mage, warrior or a monk. You can move the character using a virtual analog stick on the left of the screen. Camera controls are placed on the right. You get hours of addictive gameplay, and the visuals keep you entertained. There is support for online characters, which doesn’t slow down the gameplay. Order & Chaos is available for both iOS and android users.

4. Kingdom conquest

The game has been developed by Sega. You get to play as a hero whose task is to conquer the seven towers located at the center of the domain. You can also form alliances along the way.

3 more players can be joined to defeat monsters. You also get rewarded with bonus items during the game. Players can also develop forward bases, and use the in-game messaging system. The game combines strategy with real-time combat. A skeleton character will make sure you’re on track by giving you quests. This is an ambitious game available for android and iOS users.

Smartphone MMORPGs have in edge over computer ones in terms of convenience. You carry the game in your pocket. They can be played at work breaks, on vacations and possibly anywhere. You don’t need any graphic cards as well. The controls are easier, and the prices of smartphone game applications are lower than PC MMORPGs.